Family is very important to me.

From a very young age, I was driven to succeed. Growing up in an ethnic, Ukrainian household and community, my priorities in life as a child were entirely different than many other children. From traditional Ukrainian dance practices on Friday nights from the age of 3-17, Ukrainian School on Saturday mornings from preschool until my junior year in high school, Ukrainian Boy Scouting on Saturday afternoons followed by summer camps from Canada to the US, I had little time in life to sit around and relax.

I was a three-sport varsity athlete in high school, which my father encouraged and supported-of course, being an ex-professional soccer player in his youth drove his desire to mold his son in his equivalency. I loved school. I loved math, science, and everything in life that had a definitive answer. I was always driven to be the best at what I did, and I wanted to be first in my class. I graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in industrial engineering and started working the day after I graduated college.


I do not know what it is to not put in 110% every day. My motivation came from the hard work ethic of my grandparents and parents. . .

I do not know what it is to not put in 110% every day. My motivation came from the hard work ethic of my grandparents and parents, who immigrated to the US during the Second World War. My father’s mother, who was widowed in Ukraine in the early 1940’s, fled the country with three young children in tow and her trek was not easy. After escaping to Germany, and then catching a ship that made its way to Ellis Island in New York, my grandmother made the dangerous trek to America, which eventually landed her and her children in the city of Philadelphia.

Not knowing one word of English, and with three children to house and feed, the race for survival was on. My grandmother realized that she was not going to be able to do this alone, so she did what was best for her children at that time. My father and his two siblings were placed in an orphanage in Philadelphia that was run by nuns while my grandmother took a job in a factory to earn a basic wage. She didn’t need to speak the language to make a living and after three years, she saved enough money for them to move and start a new life in Chicago.

You may ask yourself why does this matter, or how does this affect you and your business at Vfinity? I understand the struggles that people go through from my own family’s experience. I understand that nothing in life comes easily, especially without hard work. I also understand that if you embrace failure, never doubt your future but rather hone in on success, with hard work you can achieve anything in our amazing country. I wholeheartedly believe that this same opportunity exists in America today as it did for my family nearly 70 years ago today. And that’s why I believe in an industry that teaches people how to help others earn income, support their families while providing nutritional support and weight management support. We are on a mission to improve the overall health and financial wellness of countless numbers of people. 

I love hearing the success stories from our business, and I love being at the forefront of a company that is on the cutting edge of innovative ingredients and formulas that revolutionize the nutritional supplement industry. 

I look forward to what the next several years will bring us and one thing I do know, is our problems are not going away. We are on a critical mission, so do not lose sight of what a daunting task we have to accomplish on this journey. We are in a country where obesity is becoming the norm. I read an article not too long ago that said that the psychology of people is changing dramatically as more people accept being overweight since they see so many others with the same overweight condition. This mentality is not OK. It is not acceptable to give in to the very industries creating this vicious cycle of destruction and you know the industries responsible for it. Settling for mediocrity, and accepting defeat, unfortunately, is not an option. We can have and have had a lasting and positive impact on so many people, and I look forward to seeing this effect grow larger and larger over time. I am so excited to be the CEO of YOUR company, and I am looking forward to propelling Vfinity into a formidable support network that helps more people nutritionally and financially. We can overcome the hardships faced by so many through positive thinking and a great work ethic. Do NOT ever quit. Failure is a stepping stone to success. Doubt will crush you. Let’s move into 2018 with a positive spirit that drives us to heights we never imagined we could achieve.

Alex Eliashevsky – Vfinity Co-Founder/CEO 

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