Are You Putting Your Why to Work for You?

I communicate this to you with the assumption that you already know the importance of your WHY in Network Marketing. If you are not sure about how this information can impact your outcome you can download a FREE worksheet on developing your “Why” at the bottom of this page.

Most “Getting Started” trainings will include a section where you discover your WHY… you are instructed to write it down, maybe share it with your enroller and then use it for inspiration as you build your business.

Basically it is “Find Your Why and then use it to channel your Motivation”

I want to add here that our basic trainings always took it a bit further with money measurement and mental exercises.   But again it was about inspiring you to push past your fears and take action.  This is awesome but still not all that your WHY can do for you!

Typically, someone will share their WHY after the fact…. ”I wanted to lose 10lbs. and I did”   It’s the usual before and after, only sharing the before when the after is met.  “I joined this business to quit my job and now 1 year later… I did”

How about using that desire at the beginning…

” I want to lose 10 pounds, who wants to join me?”
“I’m starting a new adventure so I can quit my job, who wants to join me?”

Now this approach is a little brazen but will attract like-minded people.  We are not suggesting that you post this all over social media. . . keep reading for the what we feel is the correct way to use this approach.

So the idea is to dig deep and to put your WHY to work for you.  Now is the time to use your WHY to explode your business. . . LET IT OUT OF THE CLOSET!

Use your WHY As Your Rally Cry!  Use it to attract and inspire your Contacts and you will create a Cause within your Social Circles and BEYOND!

We now live in a “movement” society. . . everyone professes to want to be part of a change.  We want to make a difference and even be the difference!  When you become WHY centered and vocal about it, you will have a beneficial change of energy and response.  People will understand your motivation and want to be a part of making it a reality for you and it can even cause them to search for their why and believe that attaining  it is a possibility.

How to make your WHY Your Rally Cry

  1. Insert your WHY into your personal story. . .briefly mention the before and then your WHY will make perfect sense.
  2. Use your WHY to attract others with a similar WHY
  3. Let you WHY be a catalyst for others to find their WHY
  4. Create an atmosphere where all WHYs are welcome
  5. Use your business as the vehicle which allows you to a achieve your WHY

When you create a community of people who are in touch and vocal with their WHY you will have a powerful group of people who are driven to bigger and bigger accomplishments.

This translates into greater volumes in your organization, more rank advancements and more SUCCESS!

Stay FOCUSED on your WHY!

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David and Debbie Reeder



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