It all started with a concept. 

“I grew up in a small, Italian town in Northeastern, Pennsylvania, where my family owned and operated a small chain of grocery stores.  Selling fruits and vegetables grown on their farm, my step-father and his brothers built their roadside produce stand into a chain of 16 full-service grocery stores. What I learned from observing their hard work and dedication to their business was the tremendous value that they placed on people. They always said their recipe to success was simple: invest in your people and treat them with respect and dignity, and always carry top quality products.

As I was doing my graduate work at New York University and working full time as a Marketing Intern at FAO Schwartz, I witnessed this very same business philosophy of investing in people, which ultimately lead to my success in Publishing and now at Vfinity.

I’ve always made it a point to surround myself and my work teams with amazing people who are eager to learn everything they could about the industry, and who are always wanting to take the business to the next level.

Early on in my work career, I looked to work for a company that invested in their employees, who had an employee culture of respect that trickled from the top down, and one who produced top quality end products. Over two decades, I was fortunate to work for two large publishing companies that offered the best daily and monthly print publications in the nation.


As I was getting away from the daily grind of the publishing world, I had my sights set on using my skill set in the future to help others who might be feeling the exact same way that I was.

As a mother of 4, I understand the challenges of being a businesswoman and full-time caretaker to your family.  Moms wear lots of hats on a daily basis, and that can end up taking a huge toll on our bodies. It did for me and that’s why I developed a passion for health and wellness after the birth of my second child. I was worn out and tired from working long days and chasing after two little ones. I wasn’t taking care of myself, eating enough, or fueling my body with the proper nutrition.  As I was getting away from the daily grind of the publishing world, I had my sights set on using my skill set to help other moms who might be feeling rundown too.


In March of 2015, I was formally asked to come on board at Vfinity and I immediately jumped at the chance. Every product we offer is designed to promote a healthy lifestyle so that your body and your mind can function at optimum levels. I want every working mom and woman out there to be able to get the nutrition they need when they need it most…..on the GO! Just look at me today, because I’m living, walking proof of what our products can do for your body and mind!

I’m also passionate about mom’s being able to earn money while they get to stay at home with their babies instead of chasing a clock or working for someone else. Our aggressive compensation plan allows hard-working moms and individuals to earn serious money while sharing the products that they love and use every day.

If you’re thinking of joining our company, I want you to know you’ll be surrounded by a team of dynamic Lifestyle Consultants, and supported by our award-winning Customer Service team and Corporate staff that believe in you and your success. We’ll work together, hand in hand, and invest our resources in your education and future to ensure that you reach your health, wellness, and financial goals.

I’m beyond proud to be a part of this company and I look forward to meeting many of you at our next event!”

                                                                                                          -Deanna Eliashevsky – Vfinity Co-Founder

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