The Customer experience means everything!

At Vfinity, we pride ourselves in recognizing the tremendous value of our customers. Our number one goal is to provide a customer experience that is second to none!

While working in Circulation Fulfillment at the New York Times Home Delivery Call Center over 18 years ago, I learned the essential differences between Customer Service and Customer Care, which I’ve carried over into my 11 years in Network Marketing. In our industry, Customer Care requires a different set of skills than other call centers. The interaction that we have with our callers is more important than how many calls we answer. Understanding these differences is what allows us to provide a world-class Customer Care experience every single time we pick up our phones.

The interaction with our callers is more important than how many calls we answer, understanding these differences has helped guide us to provide a world class customer care experience every time.

Multitasking is also a crucial part of our Customer Care experience at Vfinity. Working in Quality Control, Inventory, Logistics, and Purchasing at Amazon Herb provided me the opportunity to develop these crucial skills, and now I have incorporated them into my department, where our call team can provide immediate answers to a customer’s questions in one, person-to-person phone call.¬†

I am very proud of our Customer Care department and Operations Team, and will continuously strive towards making sure you are delighted with your Vfinity experience!”

Kenneth John

Customer Care and Operations Manager 

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