Here is a technique that will make you more organized, more effective and much better at reaching your goals!

Are you having trouble staying on track? Staying motivated? Getting your daily goals accomplished? If you are like me, then you wear many hats…Mom, cook, housekeeper, breadwinner, bread baker, motivator, psychologist, nurse…etc.

It can be hard to carve out the time to accomplish your goals. The distractions are many and your attention can be stretched too thin to be effective in reaching your business goals.

Maybe you have set a goal of reaching out to 5-10 people each day to invite them to look at your product or to follow up on those that you have already invited.  You might have set a goal to learn a new skill or practice something you have already learned.

Maybe you want to win your Company contest and need to achieve certain benchmarks but you feel like you will never find the time or motivation to do it.

I want to share with you a system that works for me…so that I can carve out the time needed to reach my business goals and “eeek” out maximum effectiveness from each minute. This is perfect for Moms or Dads working from home, where every minute counts and there just doesn’t seem to be enough of them.

I call it SIBA Sessions: Short Intense Bursts of Activity… I schedule at least 3 Sessions a day to reach my daily goals!

Here’s what you need:

  • Your daily goals: written and specific
  • A timer (alarm clock, phone alarm, stopwatch)
  • Your undivided attention
  • 30 minutes for each session

Display the goal where you can see it, turn off the phone, social media, TV, and push the door closed ( or leave it cracked if your kids are home), tape a note on door that shows kids that MOM is working.

I used a yellow post-it note on the door as my kids were too young to read but they knew that yellow meant quiet.   I also had a supply of “quiet toys” that the kids could only play with when MOM was working.  Keep these items separate from other regular toys as they are the special ones only “quiet” kids can play with.  I kept coloring books, puzzles and craft type items.

Get centered, take a deep breath, start the timer and GO FOR IT!!

Makes those calls, do your daily social media maintenance, reply to important emails, whatever your goal is for that S.I.B.A. Session.

Try your best not to get distracted and stay focused. When you are done, get up and give yourself a quick fist pump and pat on the back. Go back to wearing all the hats until the next scheduled S.I.B.A. Session.  You can plan your sessions around nap time, snack time, favorite show time or after bed time.

Get creative, schedule your times and then make them count!  IT WORKS! 30 minute Sessions of intense activity will beat out hours of being half way focused and always distracted!

Chart your progress with each session.

Every daily goal checked off your list leads to accomplishing the bigger goals which in turn lead to celebrating the HUGE goal.

Your friend and mentor,

Debbie Reeder

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